[intro]In this Guide you’ll learn how to create a Paint Calculator on an existing Product on your EKM online shop. You need to have generated a spreadsheet beforehand by following the steps in this Guide. [/intro]

Before you begin, ensure that you have already created the Product you would like to add the Calculator to on your EKM online shop. When you have downloaded your spreadsheet of Products, your first step is to delete the rows that contain any Products (and their Variants/Options rows), leaving only the Product row for the Product that already has the Product Calculator (to use as your guideline) and any Products that you want to add the same kind of Product Calculator to. 

It’s worth colouring the guideline product row a bright colour, so you can differentiate them from the Product you’re working on. In this example, the ‘Paint’ Product has already got a Product Calculator added, so that is my template Product highlighted in yellow. In this Guide, I’ll be adding a Product Calculator to the ‘Single Paint’ Product:

1. First, you need to add the Edit command to the A/Action column. You can do this by highlighting this column and clicking the Find & Select icon in the top right-hand corner:

2. Select Replace from the drop-down menu, and in the window that appears, add the Edit command, like this, before clicking the Replace All button:

3. Close the Replace window down and then scroll along to the right, until you reach the columns related to Product Calculators:

CalculatorShow - This can be Yes or No, and designates whether you want the Product Calculator visible on the Product Page or not. 

CalculatorType - This needs to be set for the kind of Product Calculator you’re adding. Either paint, wallpaper, tile, flooring or fabric.

CalculatorAllowWastage - This can be either Yes or No, and designates whether you would like to offer your customers the option to allow for wastage when calculating how much they need to purchase. 

CalculatorMeasurement - This can be m (metres), cm (centimetres), mm (millimetres) or ft (feet).

CalculatorCoverageX - This needs to remain blank for a Paint Calculator.

CalculatorCoverageY - This needs to remain blank for a Paint Calculator.

CalculatorCoverageArea - The value add here is the total paint area that a single area of this product can cover. 

CalculatorPackSize - This needs to be left blank if you are adding a Paint Calculator. 

4. Your next step is to copy the information from your guideline Product onto the Product you want to add your Paint Calculator to:

5. Now you need to delete your guideline Product row (highlighted in yellow) and save your spreadsheet before uploading it back onto your EKM online shop



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