[intro]If you have previously given a staff member permissions to access the Catalogue in your Facebook Business Manager account to create ads or fully manage the content and you need to remove their access, this Guide will walk you through the steps involved. 


1. Begin by clicking here to log into your Facebook Business Settings and then by clicking Data Sources on the left-hand side:

2. Click Catalogues:

3. Now you need to ensure that the name of your Catalogue is highlighted:

4. Hover over the name of the member of staff you would like to remove, and click the bin symbol to remove them from your Catalogue:

[remember]If you require further support with your Facebook Business Manager account, you will need to refer to the Facebook Help Centre - our Customer Support Team are unable to provide guidance or advice concerning Facebook products. However, if you would like EKM to manage your Facebook advertising, please contact our PPC Team on 01772 957173 or alternatively, book a call to speak to them. [/remember]



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