[intro]In this Guide, you will learn how to add Bulk Discounts to your Products by using spreadsheets. Before you begin, you need to have installed the Import/Export System and manually created a Bulk Discount on a single Product on your EKM online shop. 


1. To begin, you need to export your Products to a spreadsheet, by following the steps in this Guide. You’ll notice that there’s now an extra optional field for Bulk Discounts when you are exporting your spreadsheet - you will need to ensure that this box has been ticked before you click the green button to continue:

[tips]If you are simply adding Bulk Discounts to your Products, you will only require the following columns: ID, CategoryPath, Name, Price, BulkDiscountID and FromQuantity. [/tips]

When you have downloaded your spreadsheet, delete any Products (and their Options/Variants) that you do not wish to add a Bulk Discount to. In this example, I’m going to add a Bulk Discount to a single Product on my spreadsheet.

[remember]You can only add Bulk Discounts to single Products without Variants.[/remember]

2. You now need to add the details of your Bulk Discount in the rows beneath the Product row on your spreadsheet. Each row of your Bulk Discount pricing will require a separate row beneath your Product on your spreadsheet, like this:

3. Your next step is to complete the Price and FromQuantity columns on your spreadsheet with each pricing row of your Bulk Discount, like this:

[caution]Ensure that you have copied the ID, CategoryPath and Name data from the row for the Product onto each of the rows for your Bulk Discount. [/caution]

[tips]You can also use percentages as opposed to prices in the Price column. These must be entered as the figure and then the percentage symbol - '5%' - and always be between 1-100. [/tips]

Looking closely at each row of the spreadsheet, the Price column beneath the Product row reflects the price for the minimum number of units detailed in the FromQuantity column.

4. When you have added your Bulk Discounts to your Products, you need to save your spreadsheet and upload it back onto your EKM online shop. You’ll then be able to see the Bulk Discount within the Add/Edit Product window for your Product:

5. And of course, on the Product Pages:

[tips]You can also edit Bulk Discounts using spreadsheets too - simply follow the steps in this Guide. [/tips]



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