[intro]If you have opened a Google Merchant account by following the steps in this Guide, it's important you understand the contents of the Product Feed on your EKM online shop and what Product details are included when you submit your Product Feed to Google Shopping.[/intro]



When you have populated your EKM online shop with Products, the next step is to open a Google Merchant account so that you can submit your Products to Google Shopping. The Product Feed generated by your EKM online shop which you need to submit to Google Shopping via your Google Merchant account is already pre-populated with basic Product details already. 

Listed in alphabetical order, the attributes here are what your EKM online shop platform submits to Google Shopping for you automatically if the relevant fields have been populated. 


  • If your Products have more than a single Product Image assigned to them, these additional images will also be submitted automatically;
  • You can have a maximum of five images per Product or Product Variant on the EKM online shop platform;
  • The more images a Product has, the more likely it is for a customer to purchase it. 


  • If you have activated the Stock Control settings within your EKM online shop, the amounts you hold of each Product line are submitted to Google Shopping.
  • If you have not turned these settings on, the EKM online shop platform will presume that your Products have an infinite amount available and will never go out of stock.


  • If you have assigned the Brand Attribute to your Products, this will be submitted to Google Shopping automatically. 
  • This is mandatory for all Products except films, books and musical recording brands, and optional for all other Products.


  • If you have assigned the Product Condition Attribute to your Products, this will be submitted to Google Shopping automatically. 
  • This is mandatory for Products which are used or refurbished.
  • This is optional for all other types of Products. 


  • Ideally, your Product Description should be:
  • Between 500-5000 words;
  • Accurately describe your Product;
  • Not include any promotional or ‘salesy’ text (‘Buy Now!’, ‘Sale!’ and ‘Free Delivery!’ are good examples of this);
  • Not include any text that relates to accessories to that Product or your competitors;
  • Use formatting (such as bullet-points, paragraphs and lists) to ensure that the Product Description is easily read.
  • This is mandatory for all Products.


  • This information is picked up from your settings within the Classifications feature of your EKM online shop, so it’s essential that each Product has been assigned to the right category within the Classifications tab of the Edit Product window.


  • This is the ID that the EKM online shop gives each of your Products or Product Variants when it is first uploaded to the platform. 


  • This is the URL of the main Product Image assigned to that Product, so it’s essential that you ensure that all of your Products have Product Images assigned to them before you submit them to Google Shopping.



  • This is the URL of the Product Page on your EKM online shop.


  • This is the Price of the Product as it is advertised on your EKM online shop.


  • This is the Category Path of the master Category of the Product on your EKM online shop. 


  • This is the Product Name.


  • This is the costs as assigned to the Product according to the Delivery Methods you have set up on your EKM online shop. 

You can also add additional Custom Attributes to your Products to help them be more visible on Google Shopping. You can find a full list of these Custom Attributes in this Guide.



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