[intro]Before you begin this Guide, you need to install the Import/Export System feature on your EKM online shop to ensure that you can export your Product data onto a spreadsheet to work from. [/intro]

If you have a lot of existing Products you would like to add Product Options onto, you need to add the kind of Product Option you want to a single Product manually using the steps within this Guide. This is so that when you export your Products to a spreadsheet, you can use that Product and how it’s Options have been formatted as a guideline when adding the same Option to other Products in your range.

Before you begin

If you have already added Variants to some of your Products, you’ll know that on spreadsheets, you have the Product Row, and beneath that, the Product Variant row; the Product is listed first, and any Product Variants are listed below. Product Options appear in the same way; if the Product has no Variants, you’ll see the Product row with the Product Option row listed beneath:

If the Product has Variants, the Product Option row is listed last of all, so you’ll see the Product row first, and then the Product Variant rows, and finally the Product Option row:

However, how each Product Option is formulated on your spreadsheet depends on which Product Option you’ve chosen. Click the relevant Guide below:

Drop Down List

Text Box

Text Area




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