[intro] When you have completed this Guide, you will have added a Contact Form to a Webpage on your EKM online shop if it doesn’t already have one and configured it so you can receive questions from your customers. [/intro]

What is a Contact Form?

A Contact Form is an online form which is typically embedded in a Contact Us Webpage, which allows customers to complete the fields to send you a message:

Why do I need a Contact Form?

  1. Contact Forms allow customers to submit a question or query to you without them having to log into an email or social media account which is more convenient for the customer if they are using a shared computer;
  2. Contact Forms let customers contact you without you revealing your email address, which is essential with larger businesses where lots of different email addresses have been set up to deal with complaints, queries and refunds separately;
  3. A Contact Form forces a customer to provide specific details that may be omitted if the customer contacts you via different means - such as an email, a message, or a comment on a social media platform.

Adding a Contact Form

1. If you have not yet created a Contact Us Webpage, use this Guide to create the appropriate Webpage and then download the code you will need to create your Contact Form at the bottom of this Guide.

2. You will then need to click to edit your new Contact Us Webpage and click the Source button:

3. Then you need to highlight all of the code in the .txt file that you downloaded in Step 1. and copy it, before pasting it directly into the Content field of your Webpage, clicking the Source button again and finally clicking Save:

4. This has embedded the form onto the Webpage. There is other content that you can add to your Contact Us Webpage which you can read about within this Guide, but for now, the Contact Form part is set up. When customers submit any messages using the Contact Form, these will be received by the email address listed in the Shop Email Address field on the Outgoing Emails page within your Settings.

[remember] Make sure to turn on Captcha on the Outgoing Emails page when you have embedded your Contact Form. This will prevent you from being spammed when the Contact Form is live. [/remember]



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