[intro] This guide will show you how to use Facebook Debugger. This tool is essential if you regularly post direct links to your EKM online shop on your Facebook Page updates. [/intro]

If you have not already set up a Facebook Page, click here to learn how to do so. However, if you have already created a Facebook Page and use this regularly to promote your EKM online shop, posting links to it within your status updates, you will need to use the Facebook Debugger on occasion.

You may have noticed, especially after making changes to your EKM online shop such as changing Product or Design Images, that these changes are not the ones that are displayed as a snippet and thumbnail image when you link directly in a status update.

This is because when you first post a link to your EKM online shop to your Facebook Page, Facebook saves this version in its cache so whenever you post other links on your status updates, Facebook uses the saved version as opposed to returning to your online shop to collect new data.

1. To overcome this issue, you need to use the Facebook Debugger. Click here to see it and save it in your browser’s favourites for future use. To use it, type the domain name of your EKM online shop in the search bar provided and click the blue Debug button:

2. This will then give you a page of results:

The warnings at the top of the page refer to tags that could have been used in the link to allow specific images and information from my EKM online shop to be included in the link as opposed to the standard versions. This is something a developer will be able to help you with, although you can learn more by visiting Facebook’s Developer Tools.

3. For the moment, you need to click the Scrape Again button - this will make Facebook revisit your EKM online shop to gather updated information that will display within the thumbnail and the snippet when you link your pages to Facebook Page statuses.

All you need to do then is save the Facebook Debugger in your browser’s favourites in case you need to use it again.



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