[caution]This Guide is intended for Legacy Themes or EKM online shops in Custom Mode. If you are using the Aerial Theme, please click here for the correct Guide. [/caution]

[intro] When you have added Categories to your EKM online shop, it's important that you flesh them out with images too. In this Guide, you'll find out how to add images to each of your Categories. [/intro]

Depending on what Theme you have applied to your EKM online shop, you need to create Category Images that depict what can be found in the particular Category.  On the EKM platform, it is strongly recommended that you upload square Category Images, as these ensure that any design theme you apply to your EKM online shop will display correctly. Rectangular images can result in blank space on display, which can negatively impact your website design and in some extreme cases, user experience too in the case of rectangular images that are smaller than the 500x500 minimal limit.

With this in mind, you can upload Category Images as small as 500x500 pixels square and as large as 2000x2000 pixels. We recommend 1024x1024 pixels square as the optimum size for your Category Images and upload .png files as opposed to .jpeg images. This is because when .jpeg file types are magnified or shrunk down they automatically lose some of their resolution, whereas .png file types will retain their finer details regardless. If you are taking photos of your own Products, we highly recommend free sites such as Canva.com (excellent for beginners to image editing) and Pixlr.com (an excellent site not unlike Photoshop) for cropping and editing your product images.

Uploading Category Images

1. When you have produced your Category Images, click the Shop tab in your EKM online shop:

2. Press the Edit Content button on the blue bar to your top right:

3. The will reveal the Edit Content buttons for each of your Categories (if the Theme on your EKM online shop doesn't allow you to see all of the categories at once as Tesla does in my example, click the menu and you will have an Edit Content button next to each of your Categories there):

4. You need to click the Edit Content button to open the Edit Category window:

5. Click the Images & Photos tab on the top left:

6. Click the Edit button on the bottom right-hand corner of the Image field, and then select Upload New to select the Category Image from your computer:

7. When the image has been uploaded, click Save & Close on the bottom right of the Edit Category window:



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